Wenco News FY 2019-20 (July Update)

Wenco News FY 2019-20 (July Update)

Published by : ibc Jan 25, 2021

Our Services

Following our 38-year history in the design, manufacture and installation of Composite Piping, our services have expanded in the last decade to include Lump Sum Turnkey projects, and we are fast becoming known for our expertise as an EPCM contractor to the Oil, Gas, Mining and Public Infrastructure sectors. Wenco now has three specialist divisions: Onshore & OffshoreHeavy Engineering and Rubber Lining, Conveyors & Ceramics.

What's New

1. Wenco was recently awarded the major project below:

Albemarle Kemerton Project


2. Wenco ended FY 2018-19 Financial Year successfully by completing major projects within the defined schedule, and by achieving targeted business growth.


Albemarle Kemerton Lithium Plan HDPE Training

Completed the Testing and Qualification for High Pressure HDPE Butt Weld Operators for works being carried out on Albemarle Kemerton Plant in accordance with ISO13593-2001.


Wenco has completed 65,000 Manhours without LTR.

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