Wenco Onshore success in the water, mining, chemical, oil and gas, industrial, military defence and marine industries is based on building strong and lasting relationships.

We work at refineries, mining sites, desalination plants, fertilizer plants, chemical processing plants, and are able to deploy resources of qualified personnel and appropriate equipment at short notice.

We offer expertise as well as ability to deliver a rapid emergency response to repairs defects for clients who rely on us to support the management of their assets.

Onshore Services

  • Piping design and engineering
  • Stress Analysis for underground and aboveground for metallic and non- metallic piping systems with Caesar II software
  • Shop and field fabricated pipes and fittings
  • Fabrication of piping supports, anchors, guides
  • Supervision of UG / AG piping systems
  • Review of Isometrics, wall thickness calls, surge analysis, etc.

  • Special design of custom built equipment
  • Training for Contractor's Technicians
  • QA/ QC
  • Welding
  • Painting
  • Hydro & Pneumatic testing

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Structural Mechanical Piping (SMP) Services
Wenco started taking up SMP (Structural Mechanical Packages) and LSTK (Lump Sum Turnkey) projects where we provide complete service from design through to handover. Our Project Management and Resource team is growing and providing the highest quality services to our customers. With our large fabrication base in O’Connor being the perfect backdrop to ensure costs are controlled by doing some or most of the prefabrication on our workshop and then sending components to site.

Wenco professionals are qualified to provide structural services in all these fields: 

  • Fabrication, surface treatment and erection of steelwork and metalwork; including     structural building frame, walkways, stairs, beams, brackets, connections, flooring, handrails, ladders
  • Carbon steel welding in accordance with AS 1554.1
  • Stainless steel welding in accordance with AS 1554.6
  • Welding procedure preparation in accordance with the requirements of the client, design drawings and position in which the welding is to be performed
  • Joint surface finish after welding complying with Grade II (a) of Section 6 of AS1554.6
  • Non-destructive testing of welds as describe in AS 1554.1 and AS 1554.6
  • Supply and installation of structural grouting and hold down bolts
  • Bolted site connections
  • Installation of FRP structural for walkways, landings, drainage pit covers, stairways, guardrails, ladders, grating (including support platform) design, construction and installation in accordance with the AS 1657
  • Surface preparation and protective coating

Wenco professionals are qualified to provide mechanical services in all these fields:

  • Install major equipment items such as: tanks, pumps, blowers, skit mounted equipment and pressure vessels
  • Install all valves and instruments
  • Supply, design and installation of pipe supports
  • Mechanical equipment installation including materials handling, conveyors and process equipment
  • Supply of cranes, forklifts, lifting and transportation equipment
  • Supply elevated platforms and scaffold to install all equipment, pipe and devices
  • Repair and correct all painting defect chips scratches as required
  • Mechanical equipment alignments
  • Foundation block preparation for equipment’s
  • Grouting of foundation bolts (chemical anchors)
  • Bolted site connections
  • Installation of bolted flanges joints
  • Installation of backflow prevention devices
  • Installation of magnetic and mechanical flowmeters
  • Supply and installation of Emergency Safety Showers and Eye Wash Stations
  • Design of material handling equipment such as conveyors, crushers, elevators and cranes
  • Preparation of Technical Specifications for procurement of equipment’s

Wenco professionals are qualified to provide piping services in all these fields:

  • Supply, fabrication and installation of metallic and non- metallic pipework for above ground and underground piping systems
  • Supply and install all pipe marker identification systems and colour code pipework in accordance with the AS 2700
  • Civil works, trench design, excavation, supply of the backfilling soil materials and backfilling of the trench
  • Pressure test, flush and clean out all pipelines
  • Provision of temporary supports for the underground pipelines in open trenches during the Hydrotesting
  • Design, supply and installation of thrust blocks
  • Source and disposal of flushing, pressure testing and other testing water and waste
  • Flushing and purging selected chemical lines with dry air and/ or nitrogen
  • Pigging to perform maintenance operations on pipelines
  • Painting and coating of above ground pipework
  • Construction of pipework pits for the underground pipe systems
  • Onsite pipe repair and modifications
  • Preparation of Technical Specifications for procurement of pipework systems
  • Identifying and closing out of punch list

Project Management (PMT):

WENCO in house team (PMT) of experienced engineers serves as a contact point for our customers throughout the order life-cycle. PMT acts as a liason between the company and the customer to provide the latest updates to contract and project status.

In addition to handling contract and project enquiries, PMT coordinates timelines and schedules for production, site services and engineering activities through integrated project plans.

PMT works with other divisions to effectively manage a customer contract from beginning to end in accordance with the contract’s requirements and milestones to ensure a smooth flow of activities and deliverables as per the agreed-upon project plan.

In doing so, PMT is able to provide WENCO customers with customized product and service offerings, boosting the unique selling proposition of wenco as a “Total Solution Provider.”

Our group operates a strict ISO 9001 set of procedures which each department complies with in order to ensure the smooth running of client relations.

Our Services include:

  • Project administration
  • Design management & coordination
  • Procurement   management/Tender and Bid management
  • Planning management/ Forecasting management
  • Cost management
  • Site management
  • Quality control
  • Environment, Health & Safety management
  • Co-ordination with client, architect and other consultants
  • Risk management
  • Value management
  • Package closure –   technical & commercial
  • Final cost report
  • Co-ordination for hand over – documents including as built drawings, operation & maintenance manuals

Regardless of the scale or complexity of a project, we employ and refine our systems and processes to provide control, governance and transparency from inception to completion. At the point of every decision we make on behalf of our clients, we challenge the status quo and work diligently to find the smartest, most efficient and most cost effective solution.

Supply & Installation of Metallic & Non Metallic Piping – GRE, PVC & HDPE

Wenco is the authorised distributor of NOV Products formerly Ameron, Wenco has supplied pipes to major oil and gas operators, Petrochemicals, refineries and Public Infrastructure projects. Wenco has rich experience in Installing GRE, PVC and HDPE Piping systems

WENCO Site Services Department is responsible for the preparation and execution of the services that the company provides on-site as part of its contracts. This broad function ranges from supplying an entire site crew to perform the jointing task when pipes are being laid to simply supplying a site engineer to oversee all tasks connected with a pipe-laying in Australia.

Our Site Services Department also provides an after-sales service when customers lay pipes supplied by different manufacturers mainly NOV products. We provide all the technical assistance on-site as well as observe the installation quality to ensure that it complies with standards.

Piping Design and engineering Services – Stress & Surge Analysis

Our in house crew is trained and approved by various GRE Manufacturers mainly NOV, FPI & CPI

The aim of system design for GRP piping systems is to ensure that they shall perform satisfactorily and sustain all stresses and deformations during construction/installation throughout their service life.This clause identifies the service design criteria and the loads to which GRP may be subjected. In order to provide sufficient robustness during handling and installation, minimum. reinforced wall thickness of any GRP pipe component shall not be less than 3mm. Minimum reinforced wall thickness of pipe is calculated based on Hoop stress or stiffness requirement and by using ISO 14692 Loading Conditons

  1. External pressure/vacuum

Pipe and fittings shall have sufficient stiffness to resist vacuum and/or external pressure loads. The design engineer shall ensure where possible, that vacuum conditions can be sustained by the selected component.

  1. Axial Stress

Total axial stresses due to Internal Pressure, Self-mass and thermal Expansion are in compressive in nature then selected Pipe structural wall thickness needs to satisfy Shell and Euler buckling conditions as below

  1. External pressure/vacuum

The axial elastic buckling stress for a cylinder in pure bending. The ratio of the buckling stress to the maximum axial stress shall be greater than 3

  1. Euler Buckling

The ratio of buckling stress (due to constrained thermal expansion or vertical pipe runs with end compressive loads and a given length of unsupported pipe) to maximum axial strew shall be greater than 3.



Structural design of GRE not only involves establishing design conditions, selecting Pipe classes and corresponding Pipe properties also requires selecting Installation Parameters. It needs to withstand Soil as well as traffic loads as defined in AWWA M45.

Under Ground Design Procedure involves following steps

  1. Calculate Pressure class & check operating & surge Pressure
  2. Calculating allowable deflection from Ring Blending
  3. Checking Deflection Prediction
  4. Checking Buckling
  5. Buoyancy Calculations


Since GRP pipes are more flexible than steel pipe so, elastic bending radius of GRP pipe are very critical during installation. A careful calculation is required as per standards which reduces bends repg24quired for pipline and it can accommodate any movements in trench profile.

Design Envelope

With Isotropic materials (properties of a material are identical in all direction) such as steel, the effect of combined stresses (pressure and non-pressure induced) are greatly simplified as hoop and axial strength are identical. This result gives a significant margin in allowable strength to accommodate this extra axial stress as the pressure induced. Axial stress (load) is exactly one half of hoop stress. Whereas, for anisotropic material (properties of a material are different in all direction) such as filament wound GRP pipes, hoop and axial strength are significantly different. Axial stress is not exactly half of hoop stress. Therefore hoop strength is significantly greater than the axial strength.

If the effective hoop and axial stresses, ợheff, and ợaeff, lie inside the factored long-term design envelope, then the GRP pipes and fittings designed within the acceptable limits. If the stresses lie outside this envelope, then high-rated GRP pipes and fittings, i.e. a thicker walled pipes and fittings shall be chosen and repeat   the same stress calculation until it lies within the acceptable limits of factored long-term design envelope


Un balanced thrust forces occur in pressure pipelines at changes in direction (i.e elbows, wyes, tees, etc) at change in cross-sectional area (i.e) reducers , or at pipeline terminations, (i.e) bulk heads . These forces if not adequately restrained , may cause pipeline movement resulting in separated joints and/or pipe damage

Thrust forces are

  1.  Hydro static thrust due to internal pressure of the fluid
  2. Hydro dynamic thrust due to changing momentum of flowing fluid

Since most pressure lines operate at relatively low velocities, the hydrodynamic force is very small and is usually ignored.

Typical examples of hydrostatic thrust are shown in below Figure. The thrust in dead ends, tees, laterals, and reducers is a function of internal pressure P and cross-sectional area A at the pipe joint.


Concrete thrust blocks increase the ability of fittings to resist movement by increasing the bearing area and the dead weight of the fitting. Typical thrust blocking of a horizontal bend (elbow) and vertical bend (elbow) is shown in Figure


GRP piping systems can be supported using the same principles as those for metallic piping systems.

However, due to the proprietary nature of piping systems, standard-size supports will not necessarily match the pipe outside diameters. The use of elastomeric pads may allow the use of standard-size supports.

Hydro testing services

Wenco provides the hydro testing services with its own NATA accredited laboratory. HTS provides hydrostatic testing services to the pipeline, petroleum and gas industries.

Under the terms of Wenco’s NATA accreditation, testing can be performed in accordance with Australian Standards AS2885, AS4041, ASME B31.1 and ASME B31.3

The company activities focus on the hydrostatic testing of above and underground pipelines and associated services to AS 2885.5

Wenco offers you, the client, quality assurance and the experience to control and complete hydro testing projects in a safe and proficient manner

Shut down and Annual Maintenance contracts

Wenco has emerged as a preferred Operation & Maintenance service provider in Australia for onshore and offshore resource sector. We offer O & M services for Power Plants, Refineries, Steel Plants, Ports, offshore Rigs, FPSO, WWTP and other Infrastructure Facilities. Wenco focuses on long-term, Client-oriented and value-added solutions. We understand the criticality of emergencies mainly in Onshore & Offshore platforms and we operate this service exclusively on 24/7 basis.

Wenco can perform Annual Maintenance contract with the specific operators and Refineries on call off basis. Wenco shall deploy their technicians within 2 day notice in WA region & 3 days in other parts of the world for any emergency and criticality services. This shall ensure Wenco provide its 100% availability of technicians in the respective services.

These services help improve plant equipment reliability, reduce total maintenance costs and increase long-term productivity and include:

  • Repair Works
  • Inspections
  • Engineering support
  • Maintenance performance reporting
  • Materials planning
  • Outage/shutdown and turnaround management
  • Planning, estimating and scheduling
  • Procurement and logistics
  • Contractor management

Our knowledge in plant and equipment operation and maintenance is diverse and includes experience across a variety of commodities, asset classes and diverse geographical locations. This experience has allowed us to tailor a suite of operations and maintenance services that can assist owners to maximise the return on investment from their assets over the full life cycle of a project.

Our aim is to maximise efficient and safe plant operation and maintenance, and provide cost effective and sustainable solutions. We understand that for any project to be successful, particularly those in remote locations, effective engagement with stakeholders including the local community is imperative.

Our project managers serve not only as a contact point for our customers but act as a liaison between the company and the client to provide the latest updates on the project. In particular they coordinate engineering activities, schedules for production and site services/installation.

Our experienced engineers and supervisorscan provide assistance, technical support and training at the site during the pipe laying and final pressure testing phases.

Our personnel are trained and qualified to carry out hydro testing of all fabricated and installed piping systems using NATA certified testing equipment,

Wenco operates a 5,000 m² fabrication shop for the express purpose of spooling metallic and non – metallic piping assemblies.

Wenco has vast field fabrication experience and a long history as pipe installers. Field services have always been and will remain a core division within our company.

Wenco provides maintenance service to support your industrial assets, underpinned by rigorous safety procedures. As maintenance service provider Wenco works extensively with clients in the planning stage of their shutdown program to maximize efficiency during the process.



The offshore division within Wenco provides reparation and maintenance services for upstream and midstream process piping to Oil and Gas offshore platforms.

Wenco has over 30 years of experience in large upstream oil and gas contracts, providing a wide range of services for all the major offshore platforms in open and closed drain lines, interconnecting skid systems, sea water intakes, cooling water lines, utilities, firefighting systems and process lines.

Our multi-disciplinary activities focus on the following areas:

  • FPSO
  • FLNG
  • FSO
  • MOPU

Offshore services:

  • GRE pipe and fittings installation
  • Rope access inspection services
  • GRE pipe inspection services
  • Mechanical services
  • Emergency repair works & refurbishments
  • Shutdown and maintenance

Wenco works with NOV GRE pipes to provide a cost-effective composite installation and repair solutions for ageing offshore piping and pipelines that are affected by corrosion. Our workforce includes multi-skilled teams who perform a wide range of complex tasks safely and efficient, thus keeping on board personnel to a minimum.


Wenco provides specialist marine installation services to suit marine environments, supported by extensive in-house design and fabrication capabilities. Wenco can provide GRE installation services to a wide range of systems including:

  • Ballast water treatment
  • Sea water cooling
  • Fire fighting
  • Condensate lines
  • Inert gas effluent
  • Potable water
  • Scrubber units
  • Crude oil washing

Wenco supply and install NOV GRE pipe systems to the shipboard industry.Wenco supply and fabricate GRE piping spools to the Royal Australia Navy.


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